Friday, 4 July 2014

Taking diabetes on holiday

I'm sure I'm not the only one to be sorely frustrated by the fact that we can't take a break from our diabetes. It's with us when we're at work, when we're visiting friends, when we're exercising. It even has the cheek to follow us on our summer holidays!

Holiday breaks are certainly a time to unwind and forget about the stresses of everyday life. Even though those of us with diabetes, can't just 'forget' about it, there is no reason why we can't enjoy ourselves, too. We just have to remember that diabetes will be staying with us, for a while. Whether you are taking a holiday in the UK, sunbathing in Lanzarote, or skiing in the French Alps, there is so much to remember. Not only do we have to remember the usual clothing, sun cream, passports, we also have to remember our MEDICATION.

Arguably not so much of an 'end of the world' feeling if you're on holiday in the UK, but it really is important to remember the everyday essentials, so that you can continue to maintain your sugar levels, when you are on holiday. There are lots of things that will affect your sugar levels - level of activity, mood, diet, temperature. It is difficult to know quite how your diabetes will be affected, with the temporary change of lifestyle. Some people will find the hot temperatures make their sugar levels drop rapidly. Others will be more lenient with the food they eat, thus leading to a rise in sugar levels. However, everyone is DIFFERENT. 
It might also be worth going the extra step, and learn the country's language - if faced with an emergency, you would need to be able to make your way to a hospital. 

Remember, it is ok to let your hair down when you're on holiday, but listen to your body. Look out for the signs of a hypo. Don't neglect your blood glucose meters, and do remember to take the right dose of insulin/tablets, for what you are eating. 

For more guidance on what to remember when going on holiday with diabetes, check out the Diabetes UK website or visit

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